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Tengiz Korgalzhyn depression

Sights of the Korgalzhynsky Reserve

Eco tourism on lakes Tengiz and Kurgaldzhino

Tengiz Korgalzhyn depression – part of Korgalzhynsky Nature Reserve, the length of the depression is 225 km, width 97 km. The territory includes lake Tengiz and lake Kurgaldzhino. Special eco-tourist routes pass through the territory of the reserve to observe the life of the reserve, its inhabitants, in particular, birds. It is necessary to observe silence on the territory of the reserve, not to frighten birds with loud sounds, it is also recommended to observe birds from a great distance so as not to frighten them. Powerful binoculars and special telescopes on tripods are usually used for bird watching. On the territory of the park it is necessary to observe cleanliness and order, make bonfires, TAKE CARE of NATURE.

Tengiz Korgalzhyn depressionhow to get there

The Tengiz Korgalzhyn depression is located in the Akmola region near the city of Astana on the territory of the Korgaldzhino Nature Reserve and National Park, near Lake Tengiz.

Tenigz Lake in Tengiz Korgalzhyn depressioninformation

The Tengiz Korgalzhyn depression is notable for the fact that the famous lake Tengiz is located on its territory, the length of the lake is 85 km, the width is 35 km. The lake is home to a large number of bird and mammal species. The lake is included in the organization "Living Lakes of Kazakhstan" and is under state protection. Lake Tengiz is so big that even with binoculars you will not see the opposite shore, hundreds of bird species nest on the lake, there are species that are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. It is not difficult to get to the lake, but first you need to register at the local office of the park and take a guide from the park with you, who would show you the reserve, the guide also knows places where it is fashionable to watch birds, and where it is impossible to do this during, for example, bird migration and their nesting.

Tengiz Korgalzhyn depression


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