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Independence Square (Astana)

Excursion to interesting places of the city of Astanavisit the monument "Kazak Eli" -

Independence Square in Astana – was opened in 2099, the monument "Cossack Ate" was installed on the square. The square is used for city events, holidays, as well as military parades of Kazakhstan are held on the square. In winter, the ice city works on the square, the square is always crowded, especially in the evening. The square is surrounded by such attractions as : Hazret Sultan Mosque; Kazakh National University of Arts; National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Palace of Peace and Accord, Presidential Park.

How to get there

Independence Square is located in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 51.122°N 71.470°E

Monument "Kazak Eli"

"Kazak Eli" is a cultural and architectural monument in Astana, in the center there is a white column in the shape of an arc with a total length of 120 meters, consisting of 28 columns. The stele itself is located in the very center of this white column on a quadrangular pedestal of red granite. The reason why it was four-sided is that in all four corners of the world Kazakhstan is open to embraces, sincere in mood. The monument consists of four small monuments: the monument "The People and the President", the monument "Heroic", the monument "Bolashak", the monument "Creation".

Independence Square, Astana, Kazakhstan.


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