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Bayan Zhurek settlement of the Bronze Age

Ancient settlements of Zhetysu regionExcursion and guide to Bayan-Zhurek

Bayan-Zhurek settlement-belongs to the Bronze Age, the settlement is located in a picturesque mountain Bayan-Zhurek Valley, the famous petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek (rock carvings). The settlement is located at an altitude of 1509 meters above sea level. There are settlements not only of the Bronze Age, but also of the Iron Age, such conclusions were reached by researchers who conducted their research here. Ancient sites, burial mounds, altars were also discovered in the area.

How to get there, visit

The settlement of Bayan-Zhurek is located in the Zhetysu region, 13 kilometers from the village of Kapal and 25 kilometers from the village of Arasan.
GPS coordinates: N45°07'10.30" E79°12'29.73"

Information, history

The settlement of Bayan-Zhurek was first investigated in the 90s, then the research continued in 2000 and in 2003. Mounds of the Saka period and the Turkic period were discovered in the valley, the mounds are 50-60 meters in diameter, and depressions in the stones were also found, which, according to researchers, were sacrificial altars and sanctuaries lined with large stones. One of the sanctuaries is a circle with a diameter of 92 meters, the sanctuary is oriented to the cardinal directions, a large stone is installed in the center. Around the sanctuary there are parking lots, ancient houses, of which nothing remains, but there are fences lined with stones. At the site of ancient sites, archaeologists have discovered fragments of ceramics, red and dark colors and the ornament depicted on them. Archaeologists have given names to the ancient sites are: Dwelling No. 1, Dwelling No. 2, the settlement of Muzdy-Bulak-2, the settlement of Tasbas. The settlements were dated by researchers, II - I millennium BC.

Ancient settlement of Bayan-Zhurek, Zhetysu region


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