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Bayan-Jurek mountain valley

Excursion to Bayan-Zhurek valley from Almaty

Bayan-Zhurek (mighty heart) is a beautiful valley and not quite high equally beautiful mountains in the Dzungarian Alatau region. The Bayan Zhurek valley and the complex of rock paintings adjacent to it are located in the Aksu district, Almaty region, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The length of the entire valley is 15 kilometers, the width is 10 kilometers, the height of this area is 2100 meters above sea level. The valley is very beautiful composed of limestone, sandstone and shale. The Buyen River originates here.

How to get there

Archaeological work was carried out in the Bayan-Zhurek valley, after the completion of the work it was found that in this region there were more than one ancient settlement dating back to the early Iron Age. Also at the end of the 19th century, Pantusovs discovered petroglyphs (rock paintings) on the Kurta River in the Chulak Mountains, the Terekty Gorge and other places.
Bayan zhurek valley is famous for its rock paintings (petroglyphs).

Tourist information

This area and the valley has always attracted people with its climate. In the mountains of Bayan Zhurek there is never "jute". (Jute is a massive loss of livestock caused by icing pastures or heavy snowfall, which makes it difficult to graze livestock (horses, sheep) in Kazakhstan).

Legend of Bayan-Zhurek

The legend says that if horses were grazed in Bayan-Zhurek valley for 6 years, Tulpars would be born (Tulpar is a winged horse).

Bayan-Zhurek mountain valley in Zhetysu region


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