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Karatobe settlement

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Karatobe is a settlement dating back to the IV - V – XII – XIV centuries, refers to the ancient city of Sauran of the XIV century. Its topography can be described as a space surrounded by three rows of fortress walls that connect to each other. In general, the diameter of the outer walls with a curved contour is 1900-2000 m, the occupied area is more than 3 km2. Some sections of the walls are straight, sometimes form right angles, sometimes arcuate.

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The monument of Karatobe is located on the western outskirts of Turkestan district, Turkestan region (South Kazakhstan region), 40-42 km west of the city of Turkestan and 3 kilometers from the ancient settlement of Sauran.
GPS coordinates: 43°29'14.37"N 67°46'44.68"E

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The settlement was a fort and a military fortress and was created for defensive purposes. Karatobe is located on a hill whose height is 220 meters above sea level, it is a hill that is convenient to use for defensive purposes, as well as the surrounding area is clearly visible from the top of the hill. In the north-western part of Karatobe there is a citadel, its northern side is 70 meters, the north-western side is 110 meters, the south-western side is 160 meters, the north-eastern side is 160 meters, the south-eastern side is 60 meters. The base of the citadel is rectangular with a height of 11 meters. On the northern wall, a tower with a height of 15 meters has been preserved, its base is 20 meters in diameter.
The first archaeological studies on Karatobe and Sauran were carried out in 1986, as well as repeated studies of these objects were carried out in 2003. The settlement of Karatobe is under the protection of the state and is part of the monuments of history and culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Karatobe settlement, Turkestan region


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