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Seriktas Mountains

Jeep tour to the Seriktas Mountains from AlmatySee petroglyphs in the Seriktas Mountains

Seriktas mountains in the Almaty region, located in the Tamgaly-Tas petroglyphs area, or rather 20 kilometers away from them in a picturesque steppe hilly valley. These mountains are little known, a country road leads to the mountains, which can only be driven by 4x4 jeeps. There are petroglyphs in the mountains, rock carvings called Seriktas petroglyphs. There is no tourist infrastructure here, on the way you will meet rare small livestock farms and small herds of cows, horses and sheep.

How to get there, visit

The Seriktas Mountains are located in the Almaty region, the Tamgaly-Tas petroglyphs area, the distance from Almaty to the Seriktas Mountains is 170 kilometers. GPS coordinates: N43°56'48" E75°39'38"


The Seriktas Mountains are located in the Kazakh steppe, on the way we will first move on flat terrain and soon we will drive into low hills, from these hills we will see the low Seriktas mountains. There are petroglyphs in the mountains, which are also called Seriktas, like the mountains. We advise you to travel to the Seriktas mountains in spring and early summer, at this time the fields and grass on them are green and very beautiful, nature blooms here at this moment, small flowers bloom and the area is transformed. In the second half of summer, the area completely burns out from the scorching sun. The Seriktas mountains are not high, but very picturesque, here we will definitely meet local nomads who move around the area on their horses and graze cattle. In the Seriktas mountains, if desired, you can stay overnight, but for this we will need to take the necessary equipment for an overnight stay, tents with sleeping bags.

Seriktas Mountains in Almaty region


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