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Buzunbay river in the Terskey Alatau mountains

Tour to Ulken-Kokpak gorge, Almaty region -

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The Buzunbai River is a mountain river in the mountains of the Almaty region, flows through the Buzunbai gorge, belongs to the Tekes river basin. The river is the right tributary of the Ulken-Kokpak river. It is located at an altitude of 2270 meters above sea level, in the picturesque mountainous area of the Narynkol region. In the upper reaches of the gorge there is a high-mountainous moraine lake Akkoldekkol from where the Buzunbay river originates, the prevailing heights here are over 3300 meters above sea level.

How to get there, see -

The Buzunbai River is located in the Almaty region, Narynkol mountainous region, the northern slope of the Terskey Alatau ridge, the mountainous region of Lake Karakol. GPS coordinates: N42°32'13" E79°56'09"

Information -

The Buzunbay River flows through the gorge of the same name, a mountain road leads through the gorge, and it is possible to move here only by 4x4 off-road jeeps. The Buzunbai River is 22 kilometers long. In the upper reaches of the river there is a beautiful lake Karakol, a mountain path leads to the lake, along which you can climb to the lake and see it, the lake is located at an altitude of 3102 meters above sea level. When traveling in this region, calculate your time and follow the weather forecast, observe safety precautions, and carry all the necessary equipment for traveling in the mountains, be sure to monitor the battery charge in your cell phone so as not to be left without communication, also carry poverbank. Our company will organize for you a safe and interesting trip to the area.

Buzunbai river in Buzunbai gorge, Almaty region


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