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Shardara City

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Shardara is a city in the Turkestan region, since 1968 the center of the Shardara region, located about 279 km south of the city of Turkestan, on the northern bank of the Shardara dam, to the right of the Syrdarya River. Shardara - translated from the ancient Persian language means "fourth gate". On the territory of the city of Shardara in the 8th century there were three fortress cities with settled inhabitants with developed agriculture, crafts, and culture.

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The city of Sharadara is located in the Turkestan region on the banks of the Shardara reservoir, Shardara district.
GPS coordinates: 41.2547°N 67.9692°E

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The city of Shardara is located on the banks of the most beautiful Shardara reservoir, and the Shardara hydroelectric power station is located on the reservoir. There are fish, pike, carp, pike perch in the reservoir, you can fish here and you can swim in the summer, the water in the reservoir is warm, there are sandy deserted beaches where you can relax. The dam on the reservoir was built in 1966, the reservoir was built in order to improve the water supply of irrigated areas and eliminate floods in the lower reaches of the Syr Darya, as well as irrigate new areas. The city consists of microdistricts Meldebi, Kyzylzhar, Abay, Lower Grove, Utegul.

The city of Shardara in the Turkestan region


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