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Kamysbai Necropolis

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Kamysbai is an ancient necropolis, monument, XV-XIX centuries. The necropolis was first explored in 1951 by an expedition of the Academy of Sciences. The necropolis is a sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Mangystau region. This necropolis has received the status of a monument of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is under state protection. The necropolis is a complex of monuments on a large territory, there are 450 ancient structures in total, the Kazakh names of the structures sound like this: kulpytasy, koytasy, syndyktasy, ushtasy, bestasy. The oldest mausoleum on the Kamysbai necropolis is the Kamysbai Mausoleum.

How to get there, see -

Kamysbai necropolis is located in the Mangystau region, Karatau mountains, 14 kilometers from the village of Shetpe.
GPS coordinates: 44°4'8"N 52°15'33"E

Information -

The mausoleum, the Kamysbai necropolis was also explored in 1971 by an expedition of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR under the leadership of A. Ordabaev. The whole complex belongs to the genus Adai. Restoration works are periodically carried out on the necropolis, the place is very popular, pilgrims and just travelers who travel around the region come here. The necropolis is located on one of the tourist routes in the Mangystau region and the Mangyshlak peninsula.

Kamysbai necropolis, Mangystau region -


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