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Hanga Baba Necropolis

Pilgrimage from Aktau to Hanga Baba Necropolis -

Sights of the tract, Hanga Baba oasis on Mangyshlak -

Hanga Baba (Kanga Baba) is an ancient necropolis and a complex of monuments on Mangyshlak, part of the tract, Hanga Baba oasis, a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage. The complex of ancient monuments and burials of Hanga Baba was investigated in 1973 and consists of three parts of ancient, Kazakh and Turkmen monuments. An ancient Turkmen mosque has been preserved here, or rather its ruins have been preserved. When the researcher, artist and traveler Taras Shevchenko visited here in ancient times, the mosque was still standing, there were walls of the mosque, several rooms.

How to get there, visit -

The Hanga Baba Necropolis is located in the Hanga Baba tract in the Tupkaragan district, Mangystau region, 27 km from the town of Fort Shevchenko and 19 km from the village of Kyzylozen.
GPS coordinates: N44°27'21" E50°35'37"

Information -

The Hanga Baba necropolis was explored in 1973 by an expedition of the Kazakh Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments under the leadership of M. Mendykulov. The complex consists of three parts, the first two are made of Turkmen and Kazakh monuments, the third is made of a single Turkmen style. Some of the monuments belong to the period of the VVIII – early XX centuries. Images of swords and verses from the holy Quran are often carved on monuments. Kazakh monuments have more patterns than Turkmen monuments, which differ in ornamental, geometric shape.

Hanga Baba Necropolis in Hanga Baba tract, Mangystau region, Mangyshlak


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