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Karaman Ata Necropolis

Pilgrimage to Karaman Ata Underground Mosque and Karaman Ata Necropolis -

Sacred and holy places of the Mangyshlak peninsula -

Karaman Ata is an ancient necropolis dating from the VIII—IX centuries. It is a cult complex of monuments, memorials and a mausoleum on the Mangyshlak peninsula, a sacred place, a place of pilgrimage, a sacred place of the peninsula. Karaman Ata was a Sufi who came to Mangyshlak in ancient times to spread Sufism, many legends and legends are spread about him. Next to the necropolis is the famous underground mosque Karaman Ata.

How to get there, visit -

Karaman Ata Necropolis is located in Mangistau district, Mangistau region, Mangyshlak Peninsula, Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: N43°53'59" E51°52'19"

Information -

The Karaman Ata necropolis was discovered in 1973, 5 kilometers west of the settlement of Kandybas, and was explored by an expedition led by M. Medykulov. As a result of research work in the necropolis, 473 monuments were examined and accounted for. This includes tombstones of the medieval era, stone fences, domes erected by the hands of Adai craftsmen of the 19th and early 20th centuries, saganatams, tombstones decorated with intricate ornaments, koytas, stone fences and stone signs. Karaman Ata necropolis is distinguished by a variety of architectural structures made of sandstone, the whole complex looks like an open-air museum, testifying to the folk ancient architecture.

Karaman Ata necropolis in Mangystau region, Kazakhstan


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