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Mausoleum of Ulzhan and Zere in Zhidebay

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The mausoleum of Ulzhan and Zere is located in the Zhidebay tract next to the mausoleum of the famous poet and educator Abai Kunanbayev. Ulzhan was Abai's mother and Zere was his grandmother. The mausoleum is a structure made in the form of a Kazakh yurt. The place is sacred, sacred, a place of pilgrimage, and the Abai Museum is located nearby. The whole complex is dedicated to the family of the great poet of Kazakhstan. The Zhidebai tract is very beautiful, especially in spring and early summer, the Abay Museum is always open, so you can visit it at any time of the year.

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The mausoleum of Ulzhan and Zere is located in the Zhidebai tract, 24 kilometers from the village of Karaul, and 180 kilometers from the city of Semey, Abai region, Kazakhstan.

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Together with Abai, his brother Ospan is buried in the Zhidebai tract, and nearby are the graves of Ulzhan's mother (1810-1887) and grandmother Zere (1785-1873). The platform is divided into three tiers in height, correlated with three levels of the Universe in Kazakh mythology: black (the underworld of the dead), red (the world of the living), white (the heavenly world of spirits and Allah). Little Abaya forced his grandmother Zere to tell him stories, grandmother Zere was always with Abai while he was little and brought him up. Grandmother Zere was famous for her stories, she knew the history of her people well and always told Abai something new. Her stories were funny and sometimes sad, because a lot of good and bad things happened on the Kazakh land, but the grandmother wanted her grandson Abai to know everything.

Mausoleum of Ulzhan and Zere in the tract of Zhidebay, Abai region


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