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Boritastagan Petroglyphs

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Boritastagan-petroglyphs, located in the granite massif Boritastagan in a small cave on the western side of the mountain. The drawings are applied in red ochre, the drawings have been preserved, but the images are poorly visible. The rock where the drawings are located is located in the steppe, and is a granite massif of a bizarre shape and formation. The drawings presumably depict a man and wild animals, presumably wolves, perhaps the drawings show scenes of hunting and life of an ancient man.

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The petroglyphs of Boritastagan are located in the East Kazakhstan region, 75 kilometers from the village of Aksuat in Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates N48°04'02" E82°27'34"

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Petroglyphs, rock carvings of Boritastagan are presented in a small number of drawings, presumably hunting scenes are depicted here. The drawings have not been preserved very well since the winds blow here and it often rains. Usually, rock carvings in Kazakhstan are applied with a special technique of knocking out (cutting out) drawings on stones, there are no such images here, only drawings on top of the stone, which are applied in red ochre. There are also modern inscriptions in abundance here, made with ordinary paint and which are applied on top of ancient petroglyphs, which in general spoils the overall picture very much and looks very much like vandalism. Modern inscriptions depict the names of people who have been here and left a so-called personal signature.

Petroglyphs of Boritastagan, Boritastagan granite massif, East Kazakhstan


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