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Ayakhamyr Mausoleum

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Ayakhamyr-mausoleum, is a monument of architecture of the XII century, is a rectangular building with a height of 5 meters, the building is built of yellow baked brick. The mausoleum is a sacred sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Ulytau region. Near the mausoleum there is an ancient settlement (settlement) Ayakhamyr. The mausoleum is located in a very beautiful place in the Karabulak valley and is surrounded by low hills.

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The Ayakhamyr Mausoleum is located 63 kilometers from the city of Zhezkazgan in Ulytau region, Ulytau district, Karabulak tract, the right bank of the river Zhezda. GPS coordinates: N48°06'50" E66°59'22"

Information -

The Ayakhamyr Mausoleum is located 9 km northwest of the village of Zhezdi and is an outstanding monument of Kazakhstan. The mausoleum is built on a stone foundation with a height of 1 meter, and has a rectangular shape in terms of 8.10 x 9.84 meters, the entrance is made in the form of a portal-dome. The front side of the mausoleum is built in the shape of the letter P. The dome on the mausoleum currently does not exist, in ancient times the dome was but eventually collapsed. Inside the mausoleum there is a rectangular burial memorial.

For the first time, the Ayakhamyr mausoleum was explored in 1946 by the Central Kazakhstan Archaeological Expedition of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. Under the direction of A.H.Margulan. In 1973, the expedition of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR carried out measurement and photo-fixation work. (M.A.Mamanbayev, M.K.Sembin, M.S.Nurkabayev). The rectangular plan of the building consists of three volumes: the cube of the building, the portal and the dome. Bricks of 27x27x6 cm were used for construction . The height of the preserved part of the portal is 6.75 m. The dimensions of the internal perimeter plan: 5.75x5.75. The dimensions of the plan along the outer perimeter: 8.0x10.0. The architectural and design solution, the quality of construction work make the monument one of the best medieval structures on the territory of Kazakhstan

Ayakhamyr Mausoleum in Ulytau region


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