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Bolgan Ana Mausoleum

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Bolgan Ana is a mausoleum, a medieval architectural monument, XI-XII centuries, a sacred and sacred place in Ulytau. The mausoleum is a beautiful building built of red burnt brick, the height of the building is 6 meters, the length is 15 meters. The mausoleum is surrounded by the most beautiful steppe of the Ulytau region. Nearby is another famous mausoleum of Kulan Ana, which is also a sacred and sacred place, a place of pilgrimage.

How to get there, visit -

The mausoleum of Bolgan Ana is located in Ulytau district, Ulytau region, 25 km from the village of Talap, district of Zhezkazgan. GPS coordinates 47°28'00N 68°00'30E

Information -

The mausoleum of Bolgan Ana has a rectangular foundation at its base, an arched portal entrance on the facade of the mausoleum is located between two walls that dominate the buildings and look like columns in the shape of a square. There is no roof in the mausoleum, perhaps there was a roof in ancient times, perhaps there was a dome. The remains of old plaster indicate that the strip of the portal arch and the decorative clay tiles attached to it were terracotta in color. Bolgan Ana Mausoleum, built in a prominent place, looked very beautiful in its original form. This influenced the construction and architecture of later mausoleums in this region.

Mausoleum of Bolgan Ana in Ulytau region


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