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The settlement of Altyn Asar

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Altyn Asar is an ancient city, settlement, dated from the I-VIII centuries, represents the remains of an ancient structure, fortress, and buildings around. This complex belongs to the period of the Dzhetyasar culture, the cities of which are located close to each other in the desert area of the Kyzylorda region. In total, there are over 20 cities and various kinds of structures around them, some of them have been preserved and some have not. Mostly the central parts of the cities remained, where the tallest buildings such as fortresses and citadels were located, some of the rooms, walls and foundations were preserved from them.

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The settlement of Altyn-Asar is located 51 kilometers from the village of Zhosaly in Karmakchi district, Kyzylorda region in the Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 45°11'31"N 63°31'44"E

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The central settlement of the Altyn-Asar tract is a fairly large building erected on a large territory, from the outside it all looks very impressive even in a destroyed, blurred and weathered state. During the research conducted here in 1948-1951, the Khorezm archaeological expedition led by S.P. Tolstov found that the complex consisted of two large parts, they were called the Small House and the Big House. Upon inspection of the Small House, it was found that this building existed here before the beginning of the new era, therefore, this structure does not have an exact dating. Later, a Large House was built, it was much larger than a Small House and had at least three floors, only the remains of the first floor have survived to this day. This building testifies to the rich culture of the locals, who built it all here, restored and erected new buildings. The total area of the entire territory and enclosed within such fortress walls, citadel and other structures on the Altyn-Asar settlement amounted to more than 17.5 hectares, which is quite impressive when compared with modern cities and villages.

The ancient city of Altyn Asar in the Kyzylorda region


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