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The settlement of Kishi Kos Asar

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Kishi Kos Asar is an ancient city, settlement, fortress, dated to the VII - IX centuries AD. The settlement consists of the remains of an ancient structure, high walls and a foundation have been preserved here, as well as a preserved arch. The complex belongs to the period of the Dzhetyasar culture, this is not one such urban complex in the area, there are still many other cities here, the inhabitants of the city were engaged in agriculture, hunting and fishing.

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The settlement of Kishi Kos Asar is located 30 kilometers from the village of Turmaganbet and 62 kilometers from the village of Zhosaly in Karmakchi district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 45°04'57"N 63°32'45"E

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The city of Kishi Kos Asar is very well preserved, unlike the buildings that were located around the citadel, the main fortress of the city. The height of the walls here is several meters, the city can be seen from far away in the steppe of the Kyzylorda region. In its original form, the city of Kishi Kos Asar looked very impressive. Excavations at this site have been conducted periodically since 2015, during the study it was found that the central fortress of the building had several tiers, as well as there are protective structures around the fortress. During excavations at the settlement, ceramic products, jugs, vessels, coins, etc. were found.

The settlement of Kishi Kos Asar in the Kyzylorda region, Karmakchi district


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