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Kylyshty Ata Mausoleum

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Kylyshty Ata is a mausoleum of the XI-XII century, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Kyzylorda region, is a modern building built on the remains of an older structure. At a distance of 10 meters from it is another famous mausoleum Tolegatai Baba. Both mausoleums are medieval monuments of Kazakhstan and are very popular among pilgrims.

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The mausoleum of Kylyshty Ata is located 10 kilometers from the village of Akzhol (Mashbek Nalibayev), Zhanakorgan district, Kyzylorda region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43°45'38"N 67°04'14"E

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Kylyshty Ata was a holy and incredibly strong man, a batyr. There is a legend that the enemies could not defeat Kylyshty Ata in battle, he was so strong and courageous that he could fight an entire army alone. The enemies believed that he could be defeated only during prayer, and when Kylyshty Ata was praying, they broke into the mosque and viciously killed him. "Klysh" in translation from the Kazakh language means "saber", there is also a legend that Kylysh Ata cut off only the heads of enemies with a saber in battle. Later, a mausoleum was built on the site of his death. Now the mausoleum is a completely new modern red brick structure, inside it is made in the likeness of a Kazakh yurt with an altar, here you can sit and relax and read a prayer. After that, you can go to another mausoleum Tolegetai Baba, which is located nearby and say a prayer there. Tolegetai Baba was a relative of Kylyshty Ata and was also a batyr and a very strong man, fought and defeated his enemies on an equal basis in Kylyshty Ata. The complex was completely rebuilt in 1992, a complete reconstruction of the buildings was carried out here, new buildings were built from modern, higher-quality materials.

The mausoleum of Kylyshty Ata in the Kyzylorda region


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