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Tolegetai Baba Mausoleum

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Tolegetai Baba is a mausoleum and architectural complex dating from the XI – XII century, is a sacred, sacred place and a place of pilgrimage in the Kyzylorda region. The mausoleum is dedicated to the war and the batyr whose name was Tolegetai, he was a relative of another famous batyr Kylyshty Ata whose mausoleum is located 10 meters away, both mausoleums belong to the same architectural complex.

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The mausoleum of Tolegetai Baba is located in the Kyzylkum desert, 10 kilometers from the village of Mashbek Nalibayev (Akzhol), Zhanakorgan district, Kyzylorda region. GPS coordinates: 43°45'38"N 67°04'14"E

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Tolegetai Baba, a famous akin and biy, was once a national hero, a man who cares about the country and cares about its unity, was one of the founders of the Golden Horde. The mausoleum of Tolegetai Baba is a modern building built on the site of an older structure, built of red brick in the shape of a military helmet of that time. The mausoleum of Tolegetai Suinishuly is included in the list of 100 sacred sites in Kazakhstan.

Tolegetai Baba Mausoleum in Kyzylorda region


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