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Baba Ata Madrasah-Mosque

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Baba Ata madrasah, an architectural monument of the XIX century, an incredibly beautiful building built of red brick, belongs to the medieval settlement of Baba Ata. Next to the madrasah there is another interesting architectural object, the mausoleum of Iskhak Baba, which is part of the same complex. Nine rooms of the madrasah have been preserved, including a darshan with a high dome and a portal with an elaborate parapet wall and corner turrets. Other rooms are covered with box vaults hidden under a flat roof. The most elaborate courtyard facade is designed in the form of a solid caricature. The walls of the arch niches are cut through with doorways and panjara windows with bars. There are traces of plaster and whitewash inside the hijras. Figured brickwork is widely used in the decoration of facades. Currently, work is underway to restore the madrasah.

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Baba Ata Madrasah is located near the village of Baba Ata, Sozak district on the left bank of the Babaata River, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43°35'26"N 69°20'21"E

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Madrasah Baba Ata refers to the ancient city, which was also called Baba Ata, there is a whole complex of architectural structures at this place, there is a madrasah, a mausoleum, and the remains of an ancient settlement city, the whole complex has one common name Baba Ata. In Soviet times, the Babat complex was fully studied, data on its settlement construction, culture, and architecture were published. In 1946, the South Kazakhstan Archaeological Expedition under the leadership of A. Margulan explored the entire complex, inventories of objects were carried out, and partial excavations were also carried out. The Baba Ata settlement is a semi-oval hill, which is considered the site of the citadel on the southeastern outskirts of Shahristan, has a height of 10 m, an area of the lower side of 42 m, 60 m, a ceiling area of 12 m, 17 m.

Baba Ata madrasah in Turkestan region


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