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Iskhak Baba Mausoleum (Baba Ata complex)

Architectural sights of the Turkestan region -

Trip to the Iskhak Baba and Baba Ata architectural complex -

Iskhak Baba is a mausoleum of the XIX century, an architectural monument, a sacred sacred place, a place of pilgrimage in the Turkestan region. It is part of the Baba Ata architectural complex, where the ancient settlement of Baba Ata and the Baba Ata madrasah mosque are located. The mausoleum is a building built of red brick and topped with two huge domes, 15 meters high, 13 meters wide, the mausoleum is incredibly beautiful and majestic.

How to get there, visit -

Iskhak Baba Mausoleum is located on the left bank of the Babaata River, Sozak district, Turkestan region, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: 43°35'26"N 69°20'19"E

Information -

The mausoleum of Ishaq Baba is made in the form of an oval rectangle, on top of which octagonal circles are laid, covered with two unequal domes. The building faces south-west. On the outside of the entrance wall, in the center of which there is a wall, on both sides there are two very strong pillars, close to a vertically rectangular shape, arranged in equal parts, these supports support the arch of the building. The mausoleum is located inside the old town of Baba Ata, which dates back to the Middle Ages. A major restoration was carried out on the mausoleum.

Iskhak Baba Mausoleum in Turkestan region


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