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Maly Koytas settlement

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Maly Koytas is a settlement, an architectural monument of the early Iron Age, as well as a natural tract with the same name (Koytas tract). Here are the remains of an ancient settlement, of different sizes and designs, there are square, round and rectangular shapes. There are also ancient burials, stone and earthen mounds. The Maly Koytas tract is replete with ancient petroglyphs (rock carvings) they are called the petroglyphs of Maly Koytas (Usek), here you can see images of wild animals, domestic animals and human images.

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The settlement of Maly Koytas (tract) is located 45 kilometers from the city of Zharkent in the valley of the Usek River, Panfilov district, Zhetysu region, Republic of Kazakhstan.

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The Maly Koytas tract is a natural landmark of the Zhetysu district. To see this natural and architectural landmark, you can get from the city of Almaty. To see the remains of settlements, petroglyphs and admire the nature of the region, it is necessary to allocate one full day. It is best to go here for at least two days and take with you everything you need to set up a base camp, tents, sleeping bags, a field kitchen, etc. Our company provides a full range of tour services throughout Kazakhstan.

The settlement of Maly Koytas in the Zhetysu region


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