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Kyzylkala Settlement

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Kyzylkala is a medieval settlement of the X-XII century, an archaeological monument, an architectural landmark of the Mangystau region. The length of the main city of Kyzylkala is 700 meters, the width is 400 meters. There was a fortified citadel fortress in the center of the city, and full-scale excavations and research were carried out on the site. The settlement is located next to the famous natural landmark Mount Sherkala. At the moment, one wall has been preserved from the settlement, so that the wall can be seen, 2 meters of land have been excavated and cleared. This was the citadel wall, and numerous smaller structures, such as houses and other buildings, were excavated around.

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The settlement of Kyzylkala is located in the natural tract of Kyzylkala, 1.7 kilometers from Mount Sherkala, 16 kilometers from the village of Shetpe, Mangystau district, Mangystau region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 44°14'46"N 51°59'15"E

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The city of Kyzylkala is included in the list of 100 sacred places in the country. This place, considered a large commercial and craft town, is considered a historically significant monument. Because during the research, exhibits reflecting the culture, economy, and features of the economy of that time were discovered in the city. Kyzylkala is considered to be a large commercial and craft city, first there was a caravanserai, and then it was surrounded by stone from the outside and turned into a strong castle with 13 watchtowers. There is a city of merchants and businessmen around the fortress. During archaeological research in the city of Kyzylkala, Baltic amber (amber), Chinese jade, Indian and Egyptian glass, Badakhshan blue stone (lapis lazuli), Mediterranean corals were also discovered on the territory. This reflects the wide range of craft and trade relations in the city. According to the data provided by archaeologist Andrey Astafyev, the city was invaded twice. One of his testimonies points to weapons found during excavations. The city of Kyzylkala is a monument of history and culture of great importance for the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was also included in the original UNESCO World Heritage List in 2012.

The medieval town of Kyzylkala in the Mangystau region


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