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Mausoleum of Kyz Aulie

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Kyz Aulie mausoleum, an architectural monument of ancient architecture of the 18th century, a sacred sacred place and place of pilgrimage in the Aktobe region. The mausoleum is part of the ancient necropolis of Baytak-Mola, and the mausoleum of Abat Baytak is located nearby. Kyz Aulie translated from Kazakh means “Holy Virgin”. The mausoleum is now partially destroyed, one side has collapsed, exposing the hollow interior. Over time, the building will be restored and given its former appearance.

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The Kyz Aulie mausoleum is located 18 kilometers from the regional center of Kobda, 12 kilometers from the village of Taldysay, Khobdinsky district, Aktobe region, Republic of Kazakhstan.
GPS coordinates: 50°05'39"N 55°54'26"E

Information, legend -

The Kyz Aulie mausoleum was explored by archaeologists, excavations were carried out inside and around the mausoleum, women's jewelry and the remains of women's bones were found. There is a legend about this place, that the place where the mausoleum is located fulfills wishes; if girls want to get married, they come here for the blessing of the Holy Virgin. If a girl cannot get pregnant, she can come to this place and also ask the Holy Virgin “Kyz Aulie” to give the woman a child, they say that the wishes of girls at this place are fulfilled, someone gets a long-awaited child, and someone meets a husband. The mausoleum and necropolis are considered sacred places by the Kazakh people; you can always meet pilgrims here, and most often these are women who come here for blessings.

Mausoleum of Kyz Aulie in Aktobe region


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