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St Nicholas Cathedral palace in Almaty city.

How to see St. Nicholas Cathedral in Almaty city.

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Almaty this year marks the 70th anniversary of the return of the church to believers. Built according to the design of architect S. K. Troparevsky on Zubovskaya Square, the temple is one of the symbols of the ecclesiastical revival of Orthodoxy on Kazakhstan’s land.

History Nicholas Cathedral in Almaty.

In 1904, residents of the southwestern part of the city of Verny, a locality which at that time was called Kuchugury, appealed to the Bishop of Turkestan and Tashkent Paisiy (Vinogradov) with a request for a blessing to build a new temple. To which His Grace Paissy expressed his agreement.
Vernintsy managed to put the temple on Zubovskaya Square in 1908.
Unfortunately, in 1933, the clergy serving in the temple were arrested and the temple was closed. It housed a vegetable storage, a punitive company, a stable, and some other institutions, including the museum of atheism. Until 1936, the temple was passed on to believers, then closed again.

Information Nicholas Cathedral in Almaty.

In 1936, it was finally closed. It has been closed for 10 years.
And only in 1946 after the end of the Second World War, when the state began to thaw in relation to the church, the Nikolsky Cathedral was returned to believers. Temples began to open, surviving clergy began to return from exile and from prisons.