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Karaganda region

Nature of the regions of KazakhstanOrganization of travel in the Karaganda region

Karaganda region is located in the center of the Republic of Kazakhstan, founded on March 10, 1932. It borders in the north with Akmola, Pavlodar, in the east with Abai region, in the West with Ulytau, in the south with Zhambyl, in the southeast with Almaty, Zhetysu, in the northwest with Kostanay regions. The region is divided into 7 rural and 2 urban administrative districts. It has 8 cities, 39 settlements, 168 rural administrative districts. The administrative center is the city of Karaganda.

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Karaganda region, located in the central part of Kazakhstan, Saryarka locality.
GPS coordinates: 48°0'N 71°0'E


Karaganda region is located in the southern half of Saryarka. The west is occupied by the East of the Turgai Plateau and the Southeast of the Turan depression, the north by the Tengiz-Korgalzhyn depression, the valley of the Ishim River, the Yerementau Mountains, the Kyzyltau Mountains and other small mountains, in the south by the Betpakdala clay desert and Lake Balkhash. The eastern part of the Karaganda region is occupied by a chain of mountains forming the rising Balkhash-Irtysh watershed-Karkaralinsk (Mount Zhirensakal, 1,403 m), the Kent Mountains, Mount Karakus, Mount Kyzyltas, Mount Kyzylarai, etc.

Information, history

The history of the Karaganda region dates back to 1932. In the same year, the Karaganda region was created with the center in the city of Petropavlovsk. In September 1938, the institute was established in Karaganda. It became the first higher educational institution in the region, now it is the State University named after E.A. Buketov. At that time, the population of the city increased by 162 thousand people and the construction of buildings and houses began. In 1943, aitys of famous poets was held in Karaganda, for the first time held among the regions. In this aitys, which was broadcast on the radio to all cities, district centers, large enterprises of the region, famous folk poets Doskey Alimbayev, Shashubai Koshkarbayev, Kayyp Ainabekov, Zholdykey Nurmagambetov, Nartai Bekezhanov, Gabdiman Igensartov, Nurlybek Baymuratov, Koshen Eleuov sang songs.

In 1947, 12 million 565 thousand tons of coal were mined. In the period from June 16 to June 21, 1949, the city hosted a visiting session of the Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR on the topic "Problems of studying and mastering the productive forces of Central Kazakhstan". The Department of Geology was created, large-scale prospecting for new ore sources was established. The test of the first atomic bomb at the Semipalatinsk test site on August 29, 1949 remained a gloomy symbol in the history of the region.

Karaganda region in Central Kazakhstan


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