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Koksu river in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Rafting Koksu river.

Koksu is a river in the Balkhash basin.

Geographical position Koksu river.

It flows through the lands of the Eskeldin and Koksu districts of the Almaty region. Length 205 km, catchment area 4670 km2.

Source of the Koksu River.

It originates in the south of the Baskan glacier in Semirechensk Alatau and flows into the Karatal river at the Koksu railway station.

Hydrology Koksu River.

The merger of the Karaaryk and Kazan sources is called Koksu. In the upper part, it passes through a narrow gorge. The canal is vertical, up to 4 m high. The width of the floodplain does not exceed 5-10 m. The current is strong, there is a lot of water. The average annual flow of water to Coxu at 37 m3 / s. River water is used for irrigation of meadows, crops and gardens.

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