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Big and Small Barsuki desert (Badgers) in Aktobe region, Kazakhstan.

Travel to the desert Big and Small Barsuki - Badgers.

Big and Small Barsuki is desert. They cover the distance from the northwestern coast of the Aral Sea to the city of Shalkar in the Aktobe region. These sands are located on the territory of the Shalkar district of the Aktobe region. Its length is more than 200 km, width - 25-30 km (along the coast it expands to 80 km). The area is 3300 km². The western part, adjacent to the Mugalzhar mountains and the Shagyrai plateau, consists of a number of small lakes and salt marshes. On the sandy shores, there are often winter camps (Oyik, Izhhemis, Akshi, Shukyr, etc.), Settlements (Kabyrgaytau, Sarybulak, etc.) and wells (Koschinyrau, Akkudyk, etc.). The sands are mainly formed by erosion of Paleogene rocks, only the north-western part is composed of young alluvial deposits. The relief is a hilly, sandy plain covered with sparse vegetation. Groundwater comes from a depth of 1–25 m. Winter is harsh, summer is hot; The average temperature in January is -12 - 15 C, in July - 25 - 26 C. The average annual rainfall. 100 - 150 mm. Wormwood, wormwood, saxaul and others grow on brown soil. In some places sands are used as pastures where small vegetation grows.


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