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Ushtogay square, geoglyph in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Ushtogay square - travel to the geoglyphs of Kazakhstan.

The Ushtogay square is a geoglyph which is a geometric figure in the form of a square and a cross inside that connects the corners of this square. The entire geometric shape consists of 101 embankments, the embankments resemble small mounds, which are located at a short distance from each other. The Ushtogay square was found on the territory of the Kostanay region, near the village of Ushtogay, in the Amangeldy region, the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Ushtogay square-geoglyph information for tourists.

The dimensions of the square are as follows, the side of one side of the square is 287 meters, about 100 meters from the square itself there are three rings, the size of each ring is 20 meters, and an embankment with a diameter of 18 meters was also found here. The researchers suggested that if the rings of the embankment and the Ushtogai square itself are one geometric figure, then its size is approximately 650 meters in length.

Ushtogay square-geoglyph how to get there.

It is very easy to find and view the Ushtogai square. To begin with, you need to be on the territory of Kazakhstan and then our company will organize a full range of services for visiting this object.

Ushtogay square-geoglyph, information.

Kazakh geoglyphs-drawings are equated with drawings on the Nazca plateau in Peru, Kazakh drawings are just as mysterious and not repeatable. It is quite difficult to see them from the surface, they can be seen from a great height, photographing can be carried out from a drone. The age of the objects is presumably from 2 to 10 thousand years. The Ushtogay square was created by people and is considered to be man-made.


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