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Shiyli square, geoglyph in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Excursion and tour to the Shiyli square-geoglyph.

Shiyli square, a geoglyph was first discovered in 1771, on the territory of the Kostanay region in Kazakhstan, more precisely in the Kayindy Arkalyk region.

Shiyli Square geoglyph tourist information.

Shiyli square is a square-shaped area. The site is surrounded by a rampart or embankment along the entire perimeter and by a moat. The length of one side of the Shiyli square is approximately 224 meters, the width of the embankment is 9-15 meters, the height is 2 meters, and the depth of the ditch is 1-2 meters. There is also a kind of entrance to this square; it is located in the southern part.

Shiyli square geoglyph how to get there.

Also not far from the main square is a small mound, which has a flat top, the diameter of this mound is about 30 meters, the height is 2 meters, there is also a moat around the hill, width is 9 meters, depth is 1.5 meters. Therefore, at a distance of one hundred meters from the square there are 5 circles, similar to platforms, also surrounded by ramparts. The diameter of each circle is 30-40 meters.

Geoglyphs of Kazakhstan - Shiyli square.

The surface inside the Shiyli square is leveled and absolutely flat, you can't see what, what, for once it was built here. Ceramics of medieval age were found in the area.


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