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Turgai Swastika, geoglyph in Kostanay region, Kazakhstan.

Explore tour to Geoglyph of Kazakhstan - Turgai swastika.

The Turgai Swastika is a geoglyph located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Kostanay region, or rather on the banks of the Kara Torgai River.

Turgai swastika - how to get there.

Nearby is the village of Amangeldy, from the Turgai swastika geoglyph to the village of Amangeldy 20 kilometers, on the way we will meet Lake Agashtykol and the village of Agashtykol, here you will also find a geoglyph. You can ask the locals, they will show you the way.

Turgai swastika - information for tourists.

The geoglyph consists of embankments that are built in the form of a three-beam swastika. Each ray of this swastika ends in a figure, the ends of which are bent counterclockwise. The height of the embankments that make up the Turgai Swastika is 0.5 meters, the beam length is 33-35 meters, the width is 15-20 meters. In the center of the swastika, there is a small depression about 5 meters deep. In general, the size of the entire geoglyph is 90-100 meters, as well as nearby there are earthen ramparts of unknown purpose, surrounded by a moat.
The dating of this geoglyph is not accurate; according to some researchers, the age of the structure is from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages.

Turgai swastika - study.

An in-depth study of this object is required. Since the ruler in Kazakhstan and local researchers have not yet decided on a full-scale study of this and the object and other geoglyphs located in the Kostanay region.

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