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Dead Kultuk bay on the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.

Adventure trip to Dead Kultuk Bay.

Dead Kultuk, now the so-called bay, located on the shores of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The western part of the Ustyurt Desert adjoins the bay.

Bay of Dead Kultuk - information for tourists.

In Soviet times, the bay and the bay were called differently, at first the bay was called "Tsesarevich's bay" - then the bay was renamed "Komsomolets bay". Durnev Island is located in the Dead Kultuk Bay, it is possible to make a sea voyage to this island.
The coastline of the Dead Kultuk Bay was first clearly drawn, but in 1991 the level of the Caspian Sea began to rise. Because of this, wetlands began to form, which changed the entire coastline along the entire coastline that belongs to the bay. Also here is the Kaidak bay where the oil field is located.

Dead Kultuk Bay - how to get there.

On earlier maps, Dead Kultuk Bay was called differently. Previously, this place was called the Blue Sea. In this place, scientific research was carried out from 1719 to 1727. This area was mapped by Fyodor Ivanovich Soimonov. Later, in 1832, G.S. Karelin. The area has been fully explored and developed.


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