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Shekelmes valley

Travel to Shekelmes valley (tract) from Ust-Kamenogorsk

Shekelmes valley is the so-called tract, which is located on the shores of the most beautiful lake Zaysan. Shekelmes tract is famous for its unique colors and Martian landscapes. It is very beautiful and unusual here, as this place is known among the local population as the City of Spirits.

How to get there, visit

Shekelmes is located in the East Kazakhstan region, on the northern shore of Lake Zaisan. Mount Shekelmes (517 meters above sea level) is also located here in the tract and has a similar name. The path must be kept to the village of Amanat, 53 kilometers from the main road Kurshim-Kalzhir to the tract.


Shekelmes tract is not large, its dimensions are one kilometer by kilometer in length and width. The tract is unique for its colors and unusual colors. The soil consists of chalk accumulations, which are millions of years old, when there was an ocean in the distant past. There is not a lot of vegetation here, the soil is almost without life, but it only seems so at first glance. Various small birds and animals live here, as well as small plants. In the tract at sunset, you can take very beautiful photos, and at sunrise the area acquires a magical color. We invite you to visit this place together with our company.

Shekelmes valley at the Zaysan lake


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