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Tamshibulak water spring, healing water in Almaty region, Kazakhstan.

Sacred places of Almaty region - Tamshibulak spring.

Excursion to Kapal village and the Tamshibulak water spring from the city of Almaty.

The Tamshibulak water spring is known for its medicinal properties, the water in the spring is crystal clear and enters the stream from the mountain slopes. The stream is popularly called the Tears of the Earth or a weeping spring. Near the spring is the village of Kapal, which in 1854 received the status of a city and became the first center of the Russian Semirechye.

The Tamshibulak water spring - legends.

The Tamshybulak spring has magical powers, and the water in it is called the tears of the earth.
As the locals say, the water in the spring has healing properties, cures diseases. In winter, the water does not freeze, and algae grow all year round, keeping their green color.

The Tamshibulak spring in the village of Kapal - how to get there.

The spring is located in the Almaty region, Aksu district next to the Kapal river and the Kapal village. Distance from Taldykorgan to Kapal village is 81 kilometers. The height of the Tamshibulak spring is 978 meters above sea level.

Spring Tamshibulak - information for tourists.

The Tamshibulak spring is very picturesque and is a natural landmark of the region. To travel to the Tamshibulak spring, we will need 2 days, so the distances are not small and we will need time. From the city of Almaty to the city of Taldykorgan, the distance is 275 kilometers, which is approximately 3.5 hours one way. Then another hour and a half to the village of Kapal, it is about 80 kilometers. In total, one way trip will take about 5 hours or more.

Spring Tamshibulak.

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