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Ustyurt plateau and the UFO phenomenon, mysterious and mystical Mangyshlak in Kazakhstan.

Travels in Mangyshlak and Ustyurt plateau.

UFO sighting on the Ustyurt plateau.

The Ustyurt plateau is the least explored place on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The plateau is quite extensive and covers an area of 600 by 400 square kilometers. The highest point on the Ustyurt plateau, the Muzbel mountain range, is 341 meters above sea level.

The Ustyurt plateau is one of the first places where ufologists go to observe such a phenomenon as night glow. On the plateau, at different times of the year, you can observe strange glow over the horizon. Ufologists say that light usually appears as if from behind the horizon, in small bright beams and illuminates the area. This phenomenon is quite common in this region. Ufologists associate this phenomenon with the activity of UFOs, which are also very often observed here.

Bright balloons in the night sky on the Ustyurt plateau.

UFOs can also be observed on the Ustyurt plateau in the summer, especially during the hottest period, which is July August. In August, staying in this region is not an easy task, the lack of water and extreme heat greatly interfere with research. UFO researchers come to this region for 4-5 days and spend their research here at night and observe the night sky, and during the day they spend almost the whole day in tents as it is very hot outside. It was established that groups of no more than two people observe unusual phenomena quite often than groups in which there are more than two people. Therefore, ufologists who know about this try to travel here alone, which is quite dangerous and risky.

Mysterious arrows on the Ustyurt plateau.

Also on the plateau in 1980, during aerial photography, strange arrow-shaped structures were discovered, the purpose of which is still unknown. Scientists say that at one time these were pens for wild animals that lined them up to corral animals.
Researchers of alternative versions are inclined to believe that these were some kind of ancient signs for aircraft flying at low altitude. These arrows are somewhat similar to the images that were found on the Nazca plateau and are possibly somehow related.

Secrets of the Ustyurt plateau - the Torysh-Tuzbair balls.

The Ustyurt plateau is fraught with many mysteries and unexplained phenomena. There is a forest of round stones Torysh Tuzbair, the appearance of which has long excited the minds of scientific researchers and alternative researchers and UFO hunters. Strange rounded formations are located in one place in huge numbers and resemble the eggs of ancient dinosaurs, which have become petrified over time. The balls can be both very small and quite large. Some scientists suggest that this is some form of life that has not yet been studied.

Ustyurt plateau - how to get there.

The Ustyurt desert and the plateau of the same name is located in the west of Central Asia (in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), located between Mangyshlak and the Kara-Bogaz-Gol Bay in the west, the Aral Sea and the Amu Darya delta in the east.

Ustyurt plateau.


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