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Lake Kolsay middle (second), Kolsay National Natural Park in Kazakhstan.

Photo tour to the Kolsai lake (Kolsai lakes).

Ecological tours to the reserve, Kolsay (park).

The middle lake Kolsay, the length of the lake is 1 kilometer, the width is 500 meters. Height 2252 meters above sea level. Trout fish is found in the lake. Fishing in the lake is prohibited.

Middle lake Kolsay - how to get there.

GPS coordinates of the Middle Lake Kolsai (the second lake Kolsai): N42 ° 56'06.20 "E78 ° 19'32.55 The lake is located in the Kolsai park and is part of the Kolsai lakes, there are only three lakes. Upper Middle and Lower Kolsai lakes, Almaty region, Kazakhstan. From the city of Almaty to the Kolsai park 300 kilometers, 5 hours on the way.

Lake number 2 Kolsay - information for tourists.

There is a walking route to the lake, it is also possible to rent a horse for a mountain walk. The lake is formed by the Kolsai River, which flows through all three lakes and is very picturesque. The water in the lake is green, or turquoise; during the day, the water on the lake changes color depending on the lighting. Paints take on amazing shades.

Guest houses and recreation centers are located at the first lake Kolsay and in the village of Saty.

Kolsay is the second lake (middle).


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