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Borovoe Lake (Auliekol), Borovoe National Park

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Lake Borovoe and the natural park of the same name Borovoe are the Pearl of Kazakhstan, they are also considered a place of power. The land has sheltered a network of beautiful lakes framed by low mountains covered with coniferous forest. One of these lakes is Borovoe Lake, which is considered the central and largest.

Borovoe lake - how to get there -

The lake is located in the Burabay district of the Akmola region, on the eastern slope of Mount Kokshe, at an altitude of 320.6 m above sea level. The lake is part of the Borovoe national natural park and the Kokshetau plateau, the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates of Borovoe Lake - 53 ° 04'30 ″ N 70 ° 16'26 ″ in

Borovoe Lake - information for tourists -

The lake, located in a tectonic depression, has a rounded shape, with a gentle bottom sloping to the north. Borovoye water is soft and transparent, clearly visible to the bottom. The lake is separated from the nearby lakes (Bolshoye and Maloe Shabakty, Shortandy, Kotyrkol, Jokey, etc.) by low ridges. In the northwestern part of the lake there is a small rocky island Zhumbaktas. Its peak is located at an altitude of 20 m. Rocks and cliffs of various shapes surrounding the northern, western and southern coasts, beautiful caves (Kyzyltas, etc.) and pine-birch forests give Borovoy a special charm. Near the health resort Borovoe, rest houses "Okzhetpes" and "Blue Bay". Perch, fry, carp, pike, catfish are found in the water of the lake. The unique beauty of Borovoye nature is the basis of many works of literature and art.

Borovoe lake


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