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Medeu is a high-mountain skating rink in the Small Almaty gorge.

Go ice skating on Medeu.

Sights of the Small Almaty Gorge.

The high-mountain skating rink Medeu is an architectural landmark located in the mountains near the city of Almaty. The skating rink is open during the winter. Here you can have a great time and go ice skating. It is very crowded on weekends, so we recommend visiting the skating rink on weekdays.

Medeu skating rink - how to get from Almaty.

The Medeu Sports Complex is the world's largest sports complex with an artificial ice rink. Located 18 km from Almaty, in the Malo-Almaty gorge, at an altitude of 1691.2 m above sea level. There is a bus stop on Nazarbayev Avenue in front of the Kazakhstan hotel from which there is a bus to Medeo, bus number 12. Travel time by bus is 20-30 minutes. From Medeu there is a funicular road to Chimbulak and further to the Talgar pass, at an altitude of 3163 meters above sea level. There is all the infrastructure for spending time, bars, restaurants, a hotel, places of rest.

The history of the Medeu skating rink.

It began to be used as a natural skating rink in 1951. The Medeu Sports Complex was built in 1972. Architects who participated in the construction: Katsev V.Z., Kainarbaev A.S., Matveev S. B. and others (10 people in total) in 1975 they were awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

Medeu skating rink - tourist information.

The area of the artificial skating rink for skaters is 10.5 thousand m. The width of the race track is 5 m, the turnover is 400 m. The middle part of the rink is used for hockey games and figure skating. The complex for 12.5 thousand people has 2 swimming pools, a gym, a hotel, a canteen, a cinema, a library and a press center.



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