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Karasay mountain gorge, Kolsai Kolderi reserve.

Jeep tour to the Karasay gorge.

Mountain hike in the upper reaches of the Karasai gorge.

Karasai gorge, a high-mountain gorge is part of the Kolsai nature reserve. A mountain road runs along the gorge for movement only in 4x4 jeeps. The gorge is absolutely wild, there is no tourist infrastructure here, so here we will have our own base camp.

Karasay mountain gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located on the territory of the Kolsai nature reserve, Almaty region, Karasai district. The Karasai River flows through the gorge.

Karasay gorge - information for tourists.

The trip to the Kolsai park and Karasai gorge will take at least two days, so when traveling to this area, have at least three days for your rest. We can organize for you a base camp with off-site catering and accommodation in tents, you can also stay in guest houses in the park itself.

Karasay gorge