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Mountain gorge Kolsay.

Sights of the Kungey Alatau mountains.

Gorges in the Kolsai Kolderi nature reserve.

The length of the Kolsai gorge is 10 kilometers, the Kolsay river flows through the gorge, the length of the river is 25 kilometers, another river Chilik falls into the river. In the gorge there are the famous Kolsai lakes, Kolsai lower, Kolsai middle and Kolsai upper. There is a tourist infrastructure in the gorge, here you can rent a guest house or go to our base camp established there.

Kolsay gorge - how to get there.

The gorge is located in the Almaty region on the territory of the Kolsai-Kolderi reserve, the Gungey Alatau mountain system, Kegen district. From the city of Almaty to the village of Saty, where the gorge begins, the distance is 265 kilometers.

GPS coordinates of the Kolsai gorge: N42 ° 59'45.19 "E78 ° 19'54.63"

Kolsay gorge - information for tourists.

In the gorge you can walk to the Kolsai lakes, there are three lakes in total, Kolsai No. 1, Kolsay No. 2, Kolsay No. 3. From the first lake to the third there is a mountain trail along which you can climb and see all three lakes. In the village of Saty there are guest houses where you can stay overnight. There are also several guest houses on the first Kolsai lake. Here you can rent horses for horseback riding, there are also boats for walking on Kolsai Lake No. 1.

Kolsay gorge


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