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Shopan-Ata mosque

Pilgrimage tour from the city of Aktau to the mosque Shopan-Ata -

Mosques of the Mangistau region -

The Shopan-Ata Mosque (underground mosque) is a place of pilgrimage, this place is also an architectural monument of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The place is considered sacred, Shopan-Ata, according to legend, is considered the mentor of Beket-Ata. The mosque was carved into the rock in the 13th century. Near the Shopan-Ata mosque are the underground mosque Beket-Ata and the famous Boszhira, a natural landmark of the Mangistau region.

How to get there, visit -

The Shopan-Ata Mosque is located on the territory of the Ustyurt Reserve in the Mangistau region, the Ustyurt plateau, Karakiyak district, the bottom of the ancient Tethys ocean. From the village of Senek to the mosque Shopan-Ata, the distance is 20 kilometers. It is best to travel to the mosque from the city of Aktau, the trip will take you three hours one way.

Tourist information -

Shopan Ata is a great teacher, Sufi, holy man of the Kazakh steppes. Shopan Ata translated from the Kazakh language means shepherd, shepherd. Shopan Ata was a student of Khoja Ahmet Yassaui. Shopan Ata worked miracles, and amazing things, one of the legends says that Shopan Ata found the staff of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi and in the place where he found it, he built a mosque and planted this staff in the ground and a tree grew out of it, the tree is still growing and it is 800 years old. The Shopan-Ata Mosque is under the protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1982, the mosque was studied and in 1992 the mosque was restored. The Shopan-Ata Mosque consists of 12 rooms, all rooms are interconnected. Light enters the mosque through a round opening located on the ceiling. The central part of the mosque is a sacred place.

Shopan-Ata Mosque, Mangistau region


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