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Bozzhira Gorge

Mountain gorge of Mangyshlak -

Natural attractions of Mangystau -

Bozzhira is a gorge, a natural landmark, a desert area, the shore of the ancient Tethys Ocean. The famous panoramas of Bozzhira in the Mangystau region have six panoramic points offering beautiful views of the Bozzhira Gorge. It is best to travel around the region in spring and early summer, at this time of year nature blooms here it is not as hot as in July or August. In the Bozzhira gorge in spring you can meet the flowering of a tulip, which blooms wild only in Kazakhstan, this is the Sogdian tulip.

How to get to visit -

The Bozzhira Gorge is located in the Mangystau region, 300 kilometers from the city of Aktau, on the territory of the Karakiyansky district.
GPS coordinates: N43°24'30" E54°06'13"

Information -

The Bozzhira Gorge is a part of the desert plateau, consists of desert landscapes formed by white limestone. There are сhalk mounts 250 meters high, the whole area is also known as the Mangyshlak Highlands, another name is often applicable to this area is the plateau of Zhogarly Boszhira. On the territory of the gorge you can find fossilized remains of ancient animals, there are many teeth of an ancient shark, fossilized shells of mollusks, all these creatures when they lived in the Tethys Ocean in the Mesozoic era. Limestones and rocks formed on the site of the ancient ocean have become a proud masterpiece of Mangystau and its calling card. The gorge contains archaeological sites dating back to the period from the Paleolithic to the Early Middle Ages. The Bozzhira Gorge is included in the list of specially protected areas of the Mangystau region and is part of the Zhabayushkan State Nature Reserve with an area of 316,141 hectares.

Bozzhira Gorge, Mangystau region


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