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Second Turgusun Lake

The tract is a black knot and the Turgusun River -

Horse round on the West - Altai reserve -

The second Morneal Turgusunskoe Lake is located along the mountain route in the Valley the Turgusun river after First Lake Turgusun at an altitude of 1980 meters above sea level. In the lake in the summer you can see ice floes, the water in the lake is very cold. When a strong wind of ice floes in the lake blows along the lake like icebergs. Next to the lake is the Burov glacier.

The second Turgusunskoe Lake - how to get -

The second Tursugunskoye Lake is located 1.5 kilometers from the first Lake Turgusunskoe in the West-Altai reserve, Kazakhstan Altai, East Kazakhstan region , Ivanovo Mountain Range, The tract Black Knot.

Second Turgusunskoe Lake - Information for a tourist -

A mountain route passes along the Turgusun lakes, which crosses part of the West-Altai reserve, you can only move along the route on foot or on horseback, we recommend renting horses to transport goods and tired travelers, you can rent a personal horse. The Bolshaya Tursugun river flows from the Tursugunsky lake, here there is a beautiful cascade waterfall on the slopes of the mountains. The second Tursugunsky lake is 500 meters long, 400 meters wide.

Second Turgusunskoe Lake


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