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Shcherbakov Lake in the West Altai Nature Reserve

Group of Beloubinsky lakes and lake Shcherbakov -

Mountain hike to lake Shcherbakova -

Lake Shcherbakova, a picturesque mountain lake, is part of the Beloubinsky Lakes in the West Altai Nature Reserve and is its landmark. The lake got its name in honor of the scientist-naturalist Boris Shcherbakov, who was engaged in research in the reserve. The lake is not large, its length is 299 meters, width 155, depth 40 meters. The lake is almost circular in shape, located between two low hills surrounded by coniferous forest. Lake Shcherbakova is located next to the famous Cedar Lake.

Lake Shcherbakova – how to get there -

Lake Shcherbakova is located in the West Altai Nature Reserve at an altitude of 1775 meters above sea level, the distance from lake Kedrovoye to lake Shcherbakova is 1.5 km, East Kazakhstan region, Ridder district.

Lake Shcherbakova – information for tourists -

To get to Lake Shcherbakov, you need to make a mountain hike or a horse riding tour on the territory of the West Altai Nature Reserve. Cedar Lake is located next to Lake Shcherbakov, there is a mountain tourist route through the West Altai Nature Park, so it is possible to visit both lakes and see the sights in one day. Lake Shcherbakova used to have a different name and was called Listvyazhnoye in 2002, the lake was renamed. The way to the lake passes through the mountains of the Ulba ridge, you can approach the lake only from one place where a small river flows in or view the panorama of the lake from the nearest hill. The shores of the lake are steep, the lake is drainless.

Lake Shcherbakova


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