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Sights of Astana

The city of Astana and its sights is an incredibly beautiful and new city. The city has a large number of city attractions, parks, squares, buildings, monuments, museums, mosques and temples. The city of Astana is completely new, so all the buildings here are young and very beautiful. The houses in which the residents of the city live also have an unusual architecture and harmoniously fit into the surrounding reality of the capital. All attractions can be visited on foot, some can be reached by taxi or local public transport.

In the center of Astana you can see such sights as:

Baiterek Monument
"Baiterek" is a symbol of modern Kazakhstan, a symbol of the revival and rebirth of the Kazakh people, statehood, height and depth, spaciousness. This is one of the most visited places in the capital.

Khan Shatyr Shopping Center
Khan Shatyr-covers an area of 110 thousand square meters. This shopping and entertainment center will house the largest city gardens, large shopping centers, a cinema, concert halls. At the same time, cafes and restaurants are located on all floors of the building.

Ishim River Embankment
The central part of the embankment of the Ishim River runs through the central part of the city, here it is most interesting and picturesque. Walking on a boat on the river, you can watch the city of Astana from the river, with all its panoramic views, beauties and attractions.

Palace of Peace and Accord
The Palace of Peace and Harmony was built by the Sembol Inshaat tourist construction company according to the project of the world-famous architect Norman Foster as a venue for meetings of leaders of world and traditional religions. The main feature of this complex is that the building is built on the principle of the Fibonacci golden section.

Residence of the President of Akorda
The Akorda Palace includes a blue-gold dome topped with a spire. This golden statue on top of the dome includes the sun with 32 rays on top, as well as a steppe eagle flying under the sun. The height of the building (including the spire) is 80 meters.

Abu Nasir al-Farabi Mosque
The foundation of the mosque was laid in 2002. The opening of the Center of Muslim Culture was attended by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev. He presented the spiritual center with a veil with the image of the Kaaba and the Koran, Surah, the grand opening of which took place on March 2, 2005.

Central Capital Park – Astana
The Central Park in Astana is famous for its size, here you can both walk leisurely and spend an active lifestyle running and training at local sports grounds. In the park of Astana, it is very picturesque, especially in the summer, when nature blooms and is filled with colors.

Presidential Park – Astana
Trees of various kinds are planted on the territory of the President's park in Astana, it is especially beautiful here in the summer, when the park is filled with greenery, it is also beautiful here in the autumn when the park is covered with its colors.

Assumption Cathedral in Astana
It is the largest building of the Russian Orthodox Church in Central Asia and the cathedral of the Astana and Almaty diocese. The cathedral building is incredibly beautiful, like all Orthodox cathedrals.

Atameken ethno-memorial complex
Atameken is translated from the Turkic language and means "Land of the ancestors". On the open–air map of reduced copies of the sights of Kazakhstan - Atameken, you will see reduced copies of mountains, copies of various buildings at a rather impressive distance.

Astana Ballet Theater
The repertoire of the theater is famous for its multi-genre repertoire, here you can always watch performances of world and domestic classics. The first world tour of the Astana Ballet Theater troupe took place in 2014 on the route: Paris – Vienna – Moscow – Seoul.

Atyrau Bridge in Astana
The pedestrian bridge in Astana or Atyrau Bridge resembles the scales of a fish, when you are inside the bridge, you get the impression that you are walking inside a huge snake. The design and shape of the bridge are unusual, have a curved shape, the middle of the bridge has high side walls and ceiling mounting beams that fasten the right and left sides of the bridge.

Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The museum's collections make it possible to recognize the history and culture of modern Kazakhstan from the point of view of world development, since the foundation of the museum's fund consists of documents, photo and video materials covering the main stages of the formation and development of a sovereign country.

National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
A lot of Bronze Age jewelry is on display in the Golden Hall. The Ethnographic Hall presents exhibits dedicated to the nomadic culture of Kazakhstan. A significant collection includes gold jewelry from the ancient mounds of the Katonkaragai district.

Hazret Sultan Mosque
The Hazret Sultan Mosque is the largest domed mosque in Kazakhstan. Height -51 meters, width – 28 meters. Each of the 8 domes along the edge of this dome has a width of 7.6 meters, and the dome of the lobby is 15 meters. The majestic appearance of the mosque is complemented by 4 towers, each of them has a height of 77 meters.

The most interesting sights in Astana


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