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Bestobe Canyon on the Selety River

Jeep tour to Bestobe CanyonCamping on the Selety River

Bestobe Canyon is a little-known natural attraction of the Akmola region. The canyon was formed by the Selety River, the height at which the canyon is located is 117 meters above sea level. The length of the canyon is 50 kilometers, the canyon and the river have become popular, it is quite crowded on weekends. You can spend the night in the canyon if you have tents with you, you can swim in the river in the summer, the water is very warm here.

How to get there

Bestobe Canyon is located in the Akmola region, 11 kilometers from the village of Bestobe, city Akimat of Stepnogorsk, Republic of Kazakhstan. GPS coordinates: N52°23'05.12" E73°03'01.90"

Selety River in Bestobe Canyon

The Selety River that flows through the Bestobe Canyon is also very picturesque, along the canyon you can choose a place to park and relax. The river flows through the villages: Prirechnoye, Novomarkovka, Baysary, Seletinskoye. The length of the river is 300 km, the Selety River originates at an altitude of 426 meters above sea level in the Kazakh melkosopochnik. The Seletinsky reservoir is located on the river, then the river flows into Lake Seletyteniz, the river belongs to the Irtysh River basin. In the river there are crayfish and such types of fish as: pike, perch, bream, pike perch, chebak. In winter, the river freezes completely.

Bestobe Canyon


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