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Silety River

Nature of Akmola regionrelax on the Silety river

Silety (Selety)-the most beautiful river of the Akmola region, a landmark and a place of family rest. The Bestobe Canyon, through which the river flows, is also a natural attraction and is very popular as a place to relax in the summer, you can swim in the river, and you can set up a tent camp on the river bank. We invite you to visit such incredible and little-known sights of the region. It is forbidden to make a fire on the river bank, it is also necessary to observe cleanliness on the river, do not wash dishes in the river and do not drain household waste into the river, clean up garbage after yourself.

How to get there

The Silety River is located in the Akmola region near the village of Bestobe.
GPS coordinates: 51°27'24"N 71°14'45"E


The length of the Selety River is 407 km, the river belongs to the Irtysh River basin, flows into Lake Seletyteniz. The Sileti River originates in a hilly area (Kazakh melkosopochnik) of Akmola region, at an altitude of 386 m above sea level, 30 km north of the capital Astana. It freezes in the period from December to March, in many places it freezes to the bottom. The water is used for irrigation.

Silety river in Akmola region (Bestobe Canyon)


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