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Berel village

Settlements of East Kazakhstan regionJeep tour to Berel village

Berel is a picturesque village located in the mountainous Katon-Karagai district. The village is famous for its location on the Berel River and is one of the control points on the tourist route that passes through the village. The village is surrounded by picturesque low mountains, it is incredibly beautiful here. There is a small shop in the village where you can buy locally produced products, milk, cheese, jam, etc.

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The village of Berel is located in the mountainous region of East Kazakhstan region, Katon-Karagai district, Zhambyl rural district.
GPS coordinates 49°32'16"N 86°25'30"E


Near the village of Berel are the famous Berel burial mounds, which we will definitely visit when traveling through the park Katon Karagay. The mounds date back to the 4th century. The height at which the village of Berel is located is 1000 - 1200 meters above sea level. Not many people live in the village within 800 people, in the village there are guest houses where you can stay if you wish. Through the village you can get to Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi resort.

Berel village in East Kazakhstan


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