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Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi, hot springs of Kazakhstan.

Recreation center Rakhmanovskie Klyuchi.

Travel to the Rakhmanov hot springs.

Rakhmanovskiye hot mineral springs are very popular, these are medicinal mineral waters of the hydrocarbonate-sodium type. The water has medicinal properties, the composition of the water: mineralization about 0.2 g / l, silicic acid content 45 - 80 mg / l, radon 10 - 35 E (aman) alkaline reaction (pH - 9), water temperature 30 - 40'C.

Rakhmanov hot springs - how to get there.

The hot spring is located on the territory of the Katon-Karagai nature reserve, 30 kilometers from the village of Berel, Bolshenarym mountain region, East Kazakhstan region.

Rakhmanov hot springs - information for tourists.

Here they treat diseases of the joints and nerves, water heals the nervous system and circulatory organs. The hunter Rakhmanov discovered the springs more than 200 years ago in 1763. In 1832, there was a doctor from the Siberian military battalion who conducted research here and gave his conclusion and recommendations on the suitability of using the spring for health purposes.

Rakhmanovsky hot spring


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