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Urunhaika village

Jeep tour on the Austrian road to the village of Urunhaikaguest houses in Urunhaika

Urunhaika is a picturesque village in the Katon-Karagai Park, surrounded by beautiful mountains and pristine nature. The village is famous for its location, it is located on the shore of Lake Yazevoye, the famous Austrian road passes through the village, which is open only in summer and jeep tours to the lake and to the village are made along it. The places here are very beautiful and little visited, as well as inaccessible, so you will never see crowds of tourists and vacationers here.

How to get there, visit

The village of Urunhaika is located on the shore of Lake Yazevoye in the East Kazakhstan region, Kurchum district, Katon-karagai Park.
GPS coordinates: 48°47'12"N 86°01'35"E


In the village of Urunhaika, you can stay in guest houses with local residents, to find a house there, you need to ask the locals, they will show you the way. You can also stay on the shore of Lake Yazevoye in your camp, but for this you need to take with you the necessary equipment to install a base camp, tents, a field kitchen, etc. Our company provides a full range of services for traveling in this region.

The village of Urunhaika Kurchumsky district


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